Baku, 2013

I look at light and the way in interacts with everything around us. I pay special attention to strong contrasts between illuminated areas and the dark surrounding it. This leads to some experiments and different results but I am very - very - selective when it comes to uploading images.

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Moscow autumn. Preobrazhenskaya church over gate in the Novodevichy convent in Moscow / Московская осень. Преображенская надвратная церковь в Новодевичьем монастыре в Москве (в Новодевичий монастырь)

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Brazilian States by #1 Export, 2014


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Countries that look like other countries, with bonus wow content

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If the US were two states of equal population

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Twitter users lean on the function[*] to act as a marker to themselves to read something later or just to bookmark a tweet for later reference. Or as a meta communication to another Twitter user — to silently say the equivalent of ‘thanks’ or ‘noted’ or ‘I saw that’ or ‘yes’ or ‘lol’.

[*] : “the favorite function”



Blame the media.

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Tokyo Ghoul 07 Anime Food

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